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Education inclusiveness for some people in DKI Jakarta is still a long-term objective today. The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government still sees many school-age children who have limited access to education with the economic condition as the main issue. Moreover, with the many layoffs as a result of Covid-19, the family’s priority in terms of education has decreased, especially for marginalized communities with uncertain incomes.

In response to this, the DKI Jakarta provincial government delivered social aid funds for improving educational access through the Jakarta Smart Card or Kartu Jakarta Pintar (KJP) Plus. This aid fund is given to children aged six to twelve years as compulsory school-age who are registered as residents and domiciled in the DKI Jakarta Provincial area. In addition, this aid fund also targets children with certain backgrounds, such as children from homelessness services, children with disabilities or children of disabilities parents, children of Jaklingko drivers (shuttle public transportation in DKI Jakarta), and children who are not in school.

The amount of the provided aid funds varies for each level of education, ranging from IDR 250,000 monthly for elementary school level to IDR 1.8 million once per semester for training institutions. In addition, the aid fund is also provided as admission fees starting from IDR 1 million for the elementary school level to IDR 2.5 million for the General or Vocational High School Level.

Kartu Jakarta Pintar (KJP) Plus

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