Reading books is a good habit for anyone. To make it a habit, it needs to be nurtured since children and familiar with books and reading. For reaching this objective, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government by its Library and Archive Service has launched the “Baca Jakarta” challenges for the third time from June 27 to July 26, 2022, after the success of two previous quarters period. Storytelling from Mrs. Fery Farhati as DKI Jakarta Chief of PKK Activator symbolizes the launching of the challenge.

Baca Jakarta is a reading challenge for families for 30 consecutive days. The family participant should register to first and add at least one children participant and one guide parent. After registering, participants should update their reading activities in an online challenges booklet and on social media. The challenges will be variative and different every day.

This challenge is also open to families from the outer Jakarta area and is not limited to family residences in Jakarta only. After the challenge period is finished, there is an appreciation for the family participants who have successfully cleared the challenge for a full 30 days.

By the first two-quarter of 2022, Baca Jakarta Challenge has 143.842 participants. Hopefully, this 3rd quarter will bring more families in Jakarta and the outer area to have reading and books as their new hobby and become a new habit in the future.

Baca Jakarta Digital Booklet
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