Indonesia was a country with the most active publishing industry in South East Asia in 2019 and for the latest 10 years, Jakarta has become an epicenter of literacy. In 2022, Jakarta contributed to 25% of the national digital collection and registered 14,906 ISBN. Indonesia got international recognition in the literature field and the publishing industry also generates potential markets. After becoming an honorary guest at Frankfurt Book Fair in 2015 and followed by the focused country at the 2019 London Book Fair, Indonesia already made a higher step in the international level of literacy. The widespread of national and international literature festivals makes publishing activities objective to promote literacy and create networking opportunities in the creative industry embedded in this commitment. 

“The designation of Jakarta as the host of the 33rd International Publisher Association Congress (IPA World Congress) shows as the first remarkable step for Indonesian book and publishing industries development. This event will open lots of collaboration to the industries, not only for Indonesia but for the international book and publishing industry also,” said Anies Baswedan, Governor of DKI Jakarta.

DKI Jakarta Provincial Government by its Tourism and Creative Economy Service already set a specific amount of budget to fully support this biennial event and will form a committee to succeed the event.
In this opportunity, the Governor of DKI Jakarta, and its Vice Governor, Ahmad Riza, warmly welcome the IPA executive committee delegations’ arrivals in Jakarta. “It is an honor to have the delegates to see the preparations of the congress. Jakarta is ready to host the 2022 IPA Congress,” said Ahmad Riza Patria, Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta. “We do hope this visitation will strengthen this well-established cooperation,” add Ahmad Riza.

“As a host and representing more than 2,000 publishers in Indonesia, IKAPI is also committed to making this year’s IPA Congress a success. It is my honor to meet and welcome the world’s book and publishing industry in Jakarta by this November,” said Arys Hilman, Chairmen of IKAPI or the Indonesian Publishers Association.

Indonesia – represented by IKAPI – is one of four countries that have fully-membership in the International Publisher Association (IPA). In 2022, Jakarta will be a host of the 33rd International Publisher Association Congress (IPA World Congress). The Congress is hope to be a forum for sharing ideas and open a creative space post-pandemic that happened in the whole world. With this congress, Jakarta will be a hub for literary, cultural and art activities in the future, for Indonesia and South-East Asia.

Attending this press conference, the IPA Executive Committee, Karine Pansa who is also a Vice President of IPA, accompanied by José Borghino as General Secretary of IPA and Communication Director of IPA, James Taylor. The IPA team’s arrival date is the same as National Book Day to do a survey and to coordinate regarding the preparation of Jakarta as the host of the congress.  Karine the add a comment, “We are excited to bring books and publishing industry players and the communities to Jakarta. On the same day as National Book Day, Jakarta was shown as a city of books and the right place to hold this congress.”

One of the agendas of the upcoming IPA Congress is about overcoming book piracy. In Indonesia, book piracy has already become an unsettling scourge for the industry. With this congress, it is expected for the industry players to unite and do some movements or campaigns against book piracy.

Anies Baswedan also expecting the writers, publishers, and creative communities from the whole world to attend the congress this November. “This is a great chance to interact, build a network and to supporting each other,” close Anies.

Courtesy: Disparekraf DKI Jakarta

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