The young generation is an agent of change for the nation’s future qualified generation. Creating a ‘golden generation’, need a collaborative and comprehensive effort between government and non-government, including society. One of the ways is to provide the youngsters with preparation for their future.

DKI Jakarta Provincial Government by its Child Protection, Empowerment, and Population Control Service or DPPAPP committed to implementing the National Priority Program for Married Life Preparation for the Youth by providing education as their guidance in preparing an ideal family, including concern for reproduction rights and health, avoiding drugs, HIV/AIDS, and free sex, as well as prevention of stunting for the next generation.

As a comprehensive action, a Youth Counseling and Information Center or “PIK R” was formed as an activity channel managed by, for, and from the youth to inform, educate, and counsel in the matter of reproduction health and married life planning. This PIK R also has function as a place for meaningful youth participation in a Youth Resilience Program.

In this PIK R, there are peer counselors and educators who manage the organization and will determine the contribution of PIK R to the youth’s development, characteristics, and problematics. As concrete actin in educating the youth, DPPAPP collaborating with BKKBN or National Family Planning Coordinating Agency held a workshop titled “Tentang Kita” or “About Us” with 15-19 years old teenagers as segmentation on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, until Wednesday, June 15, 2022, at Sari Pacific Hotel with 100 Peer Educators participants from 25 PIK R in across DKI Jakarta Provincial area.

This event’s objective is to provide guidance for the Peer Educators and counselors at PIK R to be able to become a hearing buddy and give comprehensive knowledge on how to ideally plan the future and reproduction health to their peers if needed.

Based on an Indonesia demographic and health survey in 2017, 62% of female youths and 52% of male youth prefer to choose their peer to be a hearing buddy to discuss their reproduction health experience. The survey said that in general, youth in Indonesia need a peer to share information or counseling. Therefore, this workshop will be a strategic action in provisioning the youth to be able to give education to others and peers.

BKKBN through its Youth Security Directorate has drawn up a Peer Educator Training Curriculum and a Peer Educator Module named “Tentang Kita”. The “Tentang Kita” program is an effort to strengthen the role of peers as Peer Educators and Peer Counselors at PIK R as an implementation of the Peer-to-Peer Approach, namely, the substance is conveyed by teenagers to teenagers in adolescent ways. “Tentang Kita” is an educational module on future planning and reproductive health for peer educators to be delivered to the youth of the same age (15-19 years old).

It is expected that from this workshop, participants can act as facilitators/trainers in their respective PIK, who will convey the substance of the materials and methods contained in the curriculum and the “Tentang Kita” module.

Courtesy: DPPAPP DKI Jakarta

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