Jakarta Public Library and H.B. Jassin Literary Documentation Center (LDC) located in Ismail Marzuki Park, Cikini – Central Jakarta was launched on July 7, 2022, by Governor of DKI Jakarta Province Anies Rasyid Baswedan. Jakarta Public Library and H.B. Jassin LDC reopened to the public after 2 years of revitalization.

Anies then conveyed that after the revitalization, Jakarta Public Library and H.B. Jassin LDC should become a place not only for a depository center but also a place for the public to build communities and improve the literacy culture of the young generation.

The library is located in the Gedung Panjang (Long Building) in the Ismail Marzuki Park Complex and has 4 levels with a unique design inspired by an arrangement of ‘Rayuan Pulau Kelapa’, a song arranged by Ismail Marzuki, the same name as the park complex name. The building also has some supporting facilities namely, a child corner, a children’s education area, and a co-working space for the public to work.

With up to a 300-person capacity, Jakarta Public Library opens its service every day (except for public holidays) from 9 AM to 5 PM with 138.000 book collections and 70.000 of which can be borrowed by the library member. To be a member, You only need to register online by visiting perpustakaan.jakarta.go.id website and follow the instructions until getting approved.

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