One of the Podcast Rabu Belajar or Wednesday Learning Podcasts discusses global publishing industry issues, international literary programs, and Jakarta’s preparation to host the 33rd International Publishers Association (IPA) Congress. For this 52nd podcast, the speaker is IPA Vice President & Head of 3rd IPA World Congress Programming Committee, Karine Pansa.

International Publishers Association (IPA) is the biggest publisher’s association federation in the world established on 1896 in Paris by the top publishers. IPA basis is in Geneva, Switzerland, and represents the publishing industry for international forums. IPA’s mission is to promote and protect publishing and increase the world’s awareness of the great impact of publishing to improve economy, social and cultural development. IPA will always be active internationally to promote copyrights, book publishing freedom, and literary activities.

Once in two years, IPA conducts International Publishers Congress namely IPA World Congress. IPA World Congress offers a networking platform for publishers in the world to discuss the challenge and opportunities nowadays. Jakarta become the Host for the 2022 IPA World congress which will be held on November 10-12, 2022 at Fairmont Hotel, Central Jakarta. The main theme of the designated congress is “Reading Matters: Embracing the Future” with 70 participant countries consisting of publishers, librarians, writers, the creative industry, and the community in the world.

Indonesian Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) for 2019 reached IDR 1,153.4 Trillion with USD 19.6 of export value or 11.9% contribution to the nation’s export scale. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia as well as the nation’s center of economic, political, and cultural activities that had an important role in Indonesian creative economy development. Publishing is one of many creative economies sub-sector and in 2019, publishing has become the 4th strategic and dominant sub-sector nationwide after the culinary, fashion, and handicraft sub-sector. For Jakarta itself, publishing is the 3rd dominant contribution to GRDP in the creative economy with IDR 31.28 Trillion same amount of 12.2% of the total Jakarta Creative Economy GRDP.

There are a lot of masterpieces that appear from this publishing sub-sector while in a role for build up the nation’s intellectual. In the end, the industry can emerge some new names of writers, researchers, and scholars. The presence of technological advancement nowadays also brings possibilities to publish books digitally.

Jakarta is ready to host the IPA World Congress with all support from the Provincial Government financially and from the designated Committee. DKI Jakarta Provincial Government will welcome all of the invitees and is ready to give a new excitement and experience to all delegates and participants.

Courtesy: Disparekraf DKI Jakarta