Celebrating Hari Anak Jakarta Membaca (Jakarta Children’s Reading Day) on 24 April 2022, DKI Jakarta Library and Archives Office held a webinar series to generate children’s excitement for reading. It is important to cultivate a lifetime reading habit, besides improving our kids’ intellect and preventing cognitive decline, reading can also help them to relax and increase empathy. Parents and school library’s role is very important in making this habit happen and through these two webinars, parents and school library could learn how to bring excitement for reading to their children.

The first webinar has been held on August 24 with a specific topic on creating excitement to read for early childhood. Debora Eflina Purba, S.S., M.Si., Ph.D. or Mrs. Debby who has a background in psychology science become the webinar moderator with Mrs. Rosalynn Tamara, Montessori, and pre-school teacher as well as the founder of Montessori Haus Asia and Mr. Agung Cahya Karyadi, children literary activist and Pre-School education lecturer from Trilogy University, Jakarta.

In this first webinar, we learned how to make our children not only able but love to read comprehensive way. Reading is very fundamental to our children’s early lives since reading will affect other steps and activities later.

For the second webinar (August 25), Mrs. Kiki Fauziah, Lecturer from the University of Indonesia, and Mrs. Vera Yuninda, S.Sos., Head Librarian from An-Nisaa’ School come as speakers. The topic is moved to how the school library can bring reading excitement to the children, with Farli Elnumeri from the Indonesian librarian Association (IPI) as the moderator. Through this webinar, we learned how the school library should be working, the tips and the challenges as well as how it can encourage students to start their reading habits at school by planning various interesting activations and promotions programs.

Both seminars are successful with lots of participants joining up to 1.600 participants in total from various backgrounds: parents, preschool and school teachers, librarians, parenting communities, etc.

Courtesy: Dispusip DKI Jakarta