Jakarta is the name of the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia. DKI Jakarta Province is divided into five Administrative City areas and one Administrative Regency, those are: Central Jakarta with an area of ​​47.90 km2, North Jakarta with an area of ​​142.20 km2, West Jakarta with an area of ​​126.15 km2, South Jakarta with an area of ​​145 , 73 km2, East Jakarta with an area of ​​187.73 km2, and the Seribu Islands Administrative District with an area of ​​11.81 km2. To the north stretches a 35 km long coast which becomes the mouth of 13 rivers and two canals. To the south and east it is bordered by Depok City, Bogor Regency, Bekasi City and Bekasi Regency, to the west with Tangerang City and Tangerang Regency, and to the north by the Java Sea. Geologically, the entire plain consists of pleistocene deposits which are located ± 50 m below the ground surface. 

The population of DKI Jakarta has always increased every year. In 2020, the population of Jakarta is 10,644,986 people. The population growth rate with the base year 2010 is 0.83%. The population density in 2020 reaches 16,072 people per km2. The administrative city of West Jakarta is the most populous area in DKI Jakarta, reaching 21 million people / km2. The working age population in February 2020 was recorded at 8,004.78 thousand, of which 5,438.99 thousand people entered the workforce, so that the work participation rate was 67.95 percent.