In addition to being a business city, Jakarta is also the center of the creative economic development of Indonesia. Jakarta is the starting point of many creative industries, communities and programs for a long time ago. Jakarta believes that creativity have a major impact on how the city will develop and collaborate in a positive way.

As a creative city, Jakarta have some objectives to make it happen. First is to maintain and develop its potential in creative economic aspect. Second is to maintain the creative class, both of creative communities or individuals. Third is the planning and development of creative environment.

To support and accommodate the above objectives, there are variety of supporting infrastructures in the form of creative centers or community centers across the areas that can be used by the public to express and develop their creativity to the fullest.

Jakarta Creative Hub | website / contact / location
To support the creative industry in Jakarta, the Jakarta Creative Hub is presented as a creative space by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. Jakarta Creative Hub (JCH) was established in March 2017 for creative industry agents who want to develop their creativity and business or for the public who want to see this creative space.

Martha Tiahahu Literary Park | location
Jakarta is always in commitment to improving its citizens literacy and the Martha Christina Tiahahu Literary Park will support the vision. This park is currently under development and planned to be opened to the public in 2022 to become an important meeting point for literary activists, book workers, creative workers, as well as culturalists and artists. The park will be a very interesting space with a variety of literary and book-related activities that will be held here.

M Bloc Space | instagram / contact / location
M Bloc Space is a creative space for the youths which was launched in November 2019. This creative space was created in collaboration with Perum Peruri and PT Ruang Millenial which is located near of Blok M Bus Terminal. M Bloc Space could be an option to spend your weekend while experiencing the revival of Blok M area as a gathering space in Jakarta.

Pos Bloc Jakarta | instagram / contact / location
If South Jakarta has M Bloc Space, Central Jakarta has Pos Bloc. The location was originally the Jakarta Philatelic Building. Pos Bloc Jakarta is a public creative space that provides a number of small and medium enterprises (SMEs); and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) such as culinary and creative products. Unlike M Bloc Space, which carries an urban, millennial, contemporary theme, Pos Bloc Jakarta is bringing “Arts, culture, entertainment in a heritage place” as the theme.

ruangrupa | website / contact / location
ruangrupa (always written in lowercase and without spaces) is a contemporary art organization founded in 2000 by a group of artists in Jakarta. As a non-profit organization, ruangrupa is active in promoting the advancement of art ideas in an urban context and a broad scope of culture through exhibitions, festivals, art laboratories, workshops, research, as well as the publication of books, magazines and online journals. In its development, ruangrupa has evolved into a contemporary art collective and a study ecosystem with two organizations providing a public learning space that carries the values of equality, sharing, solidarity, friendship, and togetherness.

Dapur Film | website / contact / location
Established on December 31st, 2003 at Jakarta, Indonesia. Dapur Film intended to create a platform for upcoming filmmakers who would like to develop their talent in filmmaking and for those who want to learn about film production. Their goal is to make good films in terms of commercial and quality. Dapur Film believe that movie is an industry for everyone. They learns and grows by teaching the future filmmakers (directors, writers, producers, actors/actresses) to make their films, whether independent or commercial films.