As a part of UNESCO Creative City of Literature encourages the Special Capital Region of Jakarta provincial government to underline the spirit of inclusivity by providing more opportunities that allows all members of the society to participate in literary activities, including urban poor people and people with disabilities.

Economic disparity has become one of the major issues in Jakarta, resulting in uneven access to reading materials. To increase access to reading materials for the public, the approach of “picking up the ball” has been used in areas of Jakarta with the Literacy Villages program. Reading materials have been provided in urban villages to be used freely by the public.

The National Library of Indonesia has a collection of Braille books for the blind and provides tactile paving to assist walking in the library. Being a UNSECO Creative City of Literature, provision of materials and reading facilities for people with disabilities, and their participation in developing the world of literacy, will be raised by providing special literacy activities.

Throughout its history, Jakarta has experienced the effects of pandemics of infectious diseases, including malaria, smallpox, cholera, diphtheria, plague, tuberculosis, and now the respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus in 2020. As a response to the pandemic, some public groups concerned with literacy, publishers, and the Special Capital Region of Jakarta have initiated programmes aimed at consistently providing reading materials and literacy activities to the public using information technology and publication of electronic books.

“Taman Bacaan Masyarakat” Forum | website / contact / location
Taman Bacaan Masyarakat (TBM) or Community based Reading Garden is an institutional agent forum to embrace the communities for being interest to reading and provides accessible reading materials, namely books, magazines, newspaper or even multimedia materials with comfortable reading room. Located all across Jakarta areas, the TBM manager also acted as a motivator and bringing the spirit of literacy for its surroundings, beside of operational manager of the TBM itself.

Jakarta Creative City Forum | instagram
Jakarta Creative City Forum or JCCF is a hub for Jakarta’s creative industry persons which is part of Indonesia Creative City Network (ICCN) that organize and collaborate all of creative stakeholders in jakarta namely, individuals, academics, business, governments and medias. With this huge base of community, JCCN have a vision to make Jakarta as a creative industry hub in Asia Pacific region.

Alinea |  instagram / contact
Alinea was originally a SATUPENA, Indonesian writers Union that organize and has a role as aspiration channel for the writers in Indonesia. In the early 2022, SATUPENA then transformed into Alinea with a vision to accommodates a wider writer communities across Indonesia. Alinea have various activities from open competition, FGD, workshop and seminars about writings and writers.

Indonesia Librarian Association |  website / contact / location
The Indonesian Librarian Association is a gathering place for librarians and library observers to develop libraries in Indonesia. IPI was founded in Ciawi, Bogor, on July 7, 1973. In its journey, the role of librarians was increasingly needed in managing information, developing knowledge, and being involved in efforts to educate the nation.

Indonesia Publishers Association (IKAPI) | website / contact / location
The Indonesian Publishers Association (IKAPI) is the only professional publisher association in Indonesia that brings together book publishers from all over Indonesia. IKAPI was founded on May 17, 1950 in Jakarta. IKAPI membership recorded as of January 2018 is 1488 publisher members from all over Indonesia.

Bookhive | instagram / location
This “street book-rack” is inspired from Europe’s trend around 2000. Initiated by Farid Hamka, Bookhive is designed as a spot for public to read and donating books. Your can donate your books and pick some to read freely. This initiative is well received by the public and keep growing. From one spot in Situlembang Park – Central Jakarta, now it is multiplied into 13 spots, including Surabaya – East Java and Canggu – Bali.

Fun Garden of Literacy (FGL) | instagram / contact
Fun Garden of Literacy or FGL is a literary concerned community based in Jakarta. This community is active in promoting literacy by hop from one to another events, especially for children. Most of the activities are including storytelling, workshop, music and games filled with literary purposes on them.

“Lingkar Pena” Forum | website / contact
The Lingkar Pena Forum (FLP) is the largest writing organization that has continuously produced works and produced new writers in various writing genres—fiction and nonfiction—for more than 20 years. The organization that was founded by activists and writers is now growing not only domestically, but also abroad in various continents such as Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, and even the United States.